Most parents would like to think that all the things that they do with their children are memorable for them. For the parents, it doesn’t matter what the activity, it will be memorable for them because they are with their children. As far as the kids go, however, they may not be creating the same long-lasting memories as their parents. All parents want to create lasting memories for their children, but the question becomes how. By purposefully using science-backed ideas, you can create lasting memories with your children that they will carry with them for a long time.

1. Provide an ongoing review.

One of the best ways for children to be able to tell their own stories is for parents to explain what is happening. The Early Learning Project from Georgetown University says that these running commentaries with children can start early to let children organize their memories and to tie them to experiences.

2. Do a recap with your child.

Another way to create a lasting memory for your child is to talk about the moment after it’s over. Along with providing an ongoing review of what is happening, parents should also do some storytelling after the moment is over. In her article, “The Neuroscience of Narrative and Memory,” a former teacher and neurologist, Jill Willis, says that experiences that are shared with narratives establish supportive conditions in the brain for learning and remembering. If you see a shooting saw a shooting star with your child, you could ask them to talk about what they saw and even share the story of seeing it.

3. Give them something to help them remember.

Providing pictures and tactile objects to children will help them learn how to “time travel” or go to moments in their minds to create their own life story. While you are talking with your child about a moment, it will help to show them the photographs you took during a trip or a postcard you picked up. It might be helpful to invest in a way to save all of your photos and videos so that you can share them with your children no matter how long ago it was. IBI is like a personal cloud for your photos and videos and allows you to store cloud pictures to free up space and securely store your memories. Like google photos or other cloud-based services, this will help you with your photos. Investing in this kind of device will give you an ample amount of pictures and videos to show your child and help them tell their story.

4. Create multiple ways for a memory to be made.


Making memories with your child is so important to their development and it helps to give them multiple opportunities. This might mean that you need to expand a particular moment to include several elements. If they find that the color blue is their favorite color, it will be helpful and fun to take them out on a treasure hunt to the park to find as many blue things as you can. Let them feel different textures and smell different things. To do this, you will have to get out there and have fun. This could be tough if you live somewhere and have to combat the elements. Stroller Buzz Rain Cover will help you go out and make those memories no matter the weather. These weather shields allow you to take your stroller and your child out into the world to create multiple ways for a memory to be made.

5. Have them draw a picture.

A final way to help kids make a clear memory is to let them draw it. It is widely accepted in schools and other places of learning that drawing helps children bring their memories and thoughts alive. Kids who are asked to draw an event after experiencing it can recall more about that event later. Making new memories can be fun and long-lasting for you and your child if you follow these scientific-based steps to help them tell their own stories.