Hawaii’s Big Island is simply full of great excitement. You can easily enjoy numerous villages, quaint towns and five-star luxury resorts like when you check out Capital Resorts Group reviews. Many visit simply because they enjoy relaxation in a picturesque landscape. However, this does not mean you cannot have an adrenaline-filled adventure once on the Big Island.

If you are an adventure lover, it is a certainty that Big Island is not going to disappoint. You can easily enjoy lava tubes, valleys, numerous hidden trails, beaches, canyons and so much more.

The lava tubes are basically narrow underground caves that practically form underground lava rivers. Lava flows to empty out right into an exit point that nobody knows. After cooling, the small and large tube caves are incredible for pictures and hiking. Many of the very best lava tubes are quite hidden though so you will need to find a guide that is knowledgeable enough. Safety is also something that you want to be sure is present.

When you want to experience some high-end luxury resorts, Big Island is the place to go. You surely already know about Four Seasons since you see mentions about it in practically all articles that talk about the luxury in the area. Many of the hotels are located just half an hour away from the airport. Sun is present almost the entire year and beaches can just be described as stunning.

If you are a scuba diver, you need to prepare since there are numerous reefs to consider. Right around the Big Island you can find dozens of places to dive. Expect to see some Manta Rays for a really special experience you will not want to miss out on. Scuba divers always see this is awe-inspiring.

In the event that you are interested in something even more special, you can try black sea diving. This is a unique experience that lets you see some creatures that are practically similar to aliens. Diving takes place over some sea trenches that have a depth of thousands of feet.

You should also consider visiting Waipio Valley. This place is famous because of it having been featured in numerous movies like Water World and Jurassic Park. The valley is huge, featuring a waterfall of 200 feet, all at the end of a river flowing towards the ocean. If rainy season is when you visit, there are even more waterfalls that can be seen. You will often see some wild horses in the forests and the beaches and if looking for a highly mystical experience, be sure you allow yourself as much time as possible in the area.

To sum up, Big Island is one of Hawaii’s most interesting local destinations if you are interested in adventure travel. You surely already figured out that from what was presented above. Just be sure that you research as much info as possible. Also, talk with the locals. If you want to properly experience the area, the locals will show you all the hidden gems.