It was Churchill who described Uganda as the “Pearl of Africa”. With its many vast lakes, abundant wildlife, lush valleys and volcanic mountains, Uganda remains one of the most interesting adventure destinations on the planet. Your go to destination for an exciting and memorable safari holiday with lots of sights and activities to check off your bucket list. Below are a few;


Kayaking down Uganda’s own share of the great river Nile is quite a memorable experience. Cruising down the free flowing sections amid lush jungle islands, abundant wildlife and the feel of the warm water creates an unforgettable sensation sure to relax your mind.


Half the world’s surviving population of the endangered mountain gorilla live in Uganda’s Bwindi forest. Zoos are nice but to visit these mountain primates in their natural habitat births a deeper appreciation for the animals and would help generate a better understanding of the need for their continued conservation.


The chimpanzees are one of Uganda’s main tourist attraction. Whether it’s the Kibale Forest which is the primary location for chimpanzee tracking or the Budongo Forest which is close to the Murchison Falls Park, an exciting and insightful exposition into the life of these chimps is guaranteed. With as much as thirteen different species the chances of locating kanyanchu chimps are excellent.


The equator is probably the most famous imaginary line on the planet, dividing the globe into the northern and southern hemisphere. Stopping over at Kampala-Masaka road in Uganda one can actually stand on both hemispheres at with a foot in each as the equator cuts through it. A chance to be 3% lighter while at the equator as gravity is slightly less around it.

There are numerous operators and tour guides which might make it a bit difficult in determining which perfectly suits you and can offer the exact experiences you are looking for. Thankfully Mojhi has an excellent review system with highly skilled professionals equipped with enough information to plan a successful Uganda adventure tour for you.

However, there are a few things you should consider when making preparations or drawing up a budget. The first is the duration of your trip. The amount of time you intend to spend determines the number of adventures you would be able to embark on. Staying less than seven days might mean you being able to visit up to 4 different destinations at most whereas a ten days or more trip affords you the advantage of a complete experience. The kind of accommodation, whether it be luxury or mid-range lodges etc. The size of your party, are you going alone, with a spouse, friends, etc. and finally if you intend to adventure alone or would prefer joining a group.

A trip to Uganda will definitely broaden your understanding of nature and help you better appreciate the beauty and splendor in this planet we call home.