Dry Skin

If you are lucky enough to live in a part of the country where winter hasn’t really appeared yet, give thanks. Some of us are absolutely freezing at the moment. Whether you live in the Northeast or the Southwest, you are affected by winter, whether you like it or not. Winter is the season for a lot of not-so-great things; the flu, winter colds, sinus infections–and painfully dry winter skin. You know that it is winter when you go outside and it is so cold the skin on your face wants to shrivel up and run away. This time of the year, you need to treat yourself and your poor winter skin. It’s time to get all the essentials your skin needs to combat the winter chill. Let’s make a skin care box worthy of the winter season. 

Essential Ingredients for Winter Skin

Winter is really damaging to your skin. The coldness of the air combines with the dryness of the air to create a one-two punch for your skin. Your face feels dry and tight. Also, the wind isn’t helping the situation either, because whatever moisture your skin has managed to retain is swept away by the strong, harsh, winter winds. Time to prepare. 

Hyaluronic Acid

The first thing you need to put in your skin care box is hyaluronic acid for skin. We love hyaluronic acid serum. First, it is a serum for your face that you can use twice a day. Because it doesn’t contain any oil, it is perfect for every skin type, including oily skin. Second, hyaluronic acid serum does something for your face you really need during the winter–it retains moisture–a lot of moisture. In fact, hyaluronic acid can help you retain more moisture than nearly any other serum. It’s that good. Because hyaluronic acid serum is such a great hydrator, it helps your skin look hydrated and radiant. It also plumps up fine lines and wrinkles, even during the harshness of winter. 

Vitamin C Serum

Next,  you’ll need to add vit C serum. Vitamin C serum is one of the most amazing serums for winter skin. While hyaluronic acid helps to hydrate winter skin, vitamin C serum makes the skin look brighter and fresher. Winter skin looks dull and lifeless if you don’t take care of it properly. However, vitamin C serum will have your skin looking brighter even during the coldest winter days. Vitamin C serum also works to reduce the number of brown spots, under eye rings, and irritation that are so common in winter skin. You definitely want to add Vitamin C serum to your skin care box.

If you need additional ideas for your winter skincare box, you may want to think about a moisturizer that will add even more moisture to your skin. You could use it with either the hyaluronic acid serum or the vitamin C serum has part of your overall skincare routine. One thing is certain–assembling your skincare box now means you won’t be stressing over your dull, lifeless skin during the winter season