Sporting Event

The leaves are becoming crisper, grills are flaring up, and the students are going back to their defensive driving course. That only means one thing: football season is around the corner. With the oncoming days of tailgates, surprising upsets, and throwin’ the hog around with boys (that’s the expression, right?), you’ll want to see every moment of your favorite team.

Especially as the game happens right in front of you.

The problem is, your bank account will take a beating this season if you travel on your own, it will look almost as bad as where the first auto accident took place. Little does the public know, there’s travel agencies and companies that specialize in making tours with your favorite team affordable and simple. You won’t have to rack up long hours in front of the computer with your convoluted travel plans. It’s not the 4th quarter with you down by a field goal. It’s a vacation and it’s meant to be fun and relaxing

That’s why we’ve put together the best sports travel companies across the internet. You don’t need to scour websites for the right agency to book your great American football tour. Use this for your one-stop hub to finding the best company for you.

Primesport wants you to do one thing this season – go BIG. This nebulous wish is the mission statement behind the services they offer. Perhaps it could be referring to the amount of money you’ll spend… or the amount of fun you’ll have. Primesport specializes in customized travels for large events and sports. You can be the annoying groupie following your favorite team around the country. That’s why if you’re wanting to go BIG, this is the prime pick. targets the sports traveler who loves the added luxury. This includes resort style accommodations, gourmet restaurants, and the added bonus of entertainment that doesn’t involve sports (I know, we don’t believe there’s such a thing either.) Their scope isn’t just in football, but other worldly favored sports as well. They even have a prepared package ready for the 2020 Summer Olympics under the category of “Epic Events.” Other sites don’t have the option to choose an “Epic Event.” is a simple site for people wanting to make their sports adventure simple. Their goal is to make the booking process hassle free, so you don’t have to miss the game “of a lifetime.” The best part is that you can book your visits for domestic based games and international ones – including the Sumo exhibitions in Japan. If you thought football was a contact sport, then maybe you should take them up on the international travel packages.

A website with a “.net” handle domain? Trust us, this isn’t scam. specializes in domestic travel packages to your favorite games. Whether it’s the Indianapolis 500 or the U.S. Open, this site will book the tickets, living accommodations, and everything else you need to consider it a satisfactory adventure. If you’ve ever wanted to visit the Kentucky Derby, you’re in luck. They have a popular package that’s trending right now.

Sports-empire is a kingdom of travel packages for the sports fanatic. At least, this feudalistic website acts like a kingdom since it’s been in operation for over 30 years. Stating themselves as the “authority” of sports travel packages, they’ll have every competitive event in North America planned for you. That even includes the 2018 Balloon Fiesta happening in October. Anyone ever traveled by balloon before? No?