Memphis is a weird and wonderful place. It has a long and Rich history and is also a strong university town, not unlike Louisville. Every August, people congregate here to enjoy the best the city has to offer. While it is also known for its high crime rates and dangerous areas, for people like Bob Mims Memphis is the only place to call home.

For Bob Mims Memphis Is Full of Unusual Things

If you were to look up Memphis on the internet and look at the news pages, all you will see is the spare. It mentions shoplift and steal activities, it mentions arrest, it mentions people getting fired, you can find a report about a CFO of a foundation doing wrong; there simply seems to be nothing positive out there anymore. On the flip side is Memphis for those with plenty of money. These are the people that spend all their days on the golf clubs, forming their own community from which they have cited a guideline that undesirables are not supposed to enter. According to Bob, neither of these two extremes are in any way representative of Memphis. Rather, it is the weird and wonderful things that the city has to offer that truly make this such a unique place. 5 of those things include:

  1.  Paula Raiford’s Disco. This is arguably the best nightclub in the world period found downtown, it is a legendary place to go where the energy is Unforgettable in the atmosphere is truly unique. When you enter, you will receive a stamp saying sexy on your hands, you can choose to order 40 ounces of beer, you can take a solo on the drum sets, or you can dance on the disco floor that is lit up like a rainbow.
  2.  A giant glass pyramid. The original Memphis is found on the Nile river in Egypt. To commemorate this, a glass pyramid has been placed on the banks of the Mississippi, originally as a basketball and concert arena. Today, it is home to a cypress forest and several shops.
  3.  A wealth of weird and wonderful restaurants. Consider Cooper Young’s Beauty Shop where Priscilla Presley had her hair done. Or visit Elwood’s Shack for the best barbecue and fish tacos you will ever have period the shack literally is a shark found in the middle of a parking lot period
  4. The Beale Street flippers. This is a group of young men who will perform by doing daredevil jumps, hand springing, front flipping, and backflipping. They are all volunteers and they will join all the other fantastic entertainers across Beale Street, including tap dancers, chalk art mural artists, and saxophonists.
  5.  The Malco Summer Drive-In Theatre, where you will be able to truly travel back in time. This is one of the last drive-through theatres in the country and the movies start as soon as it goes dark and don’t stop until the next morning too. This happens once a month and cult and classic films are displayed.