Today’s businesses must have a focus on the external, on interaction with others, on being interdependent and on having equality management rather than bottom up or top-down approaches. Unfortunately, not every business has already made it into the 21st century and therefore still struggles with the speed of decision-making, the internet, and overall globalization. As a result, people like Boris Blanche are required to help businesses restructure.

Boris Blanche on Business Restructuring

All businesses now have to operate on the global  spectrum. This means they must innovate and coordinates experiments so that they are able to offer but is needed on the local market while also being able to compete with the global markets. This has to go through the corporate culture, there leadership comma and Away information flows. No longer is globalisation synonymous with simply exporting to other countries. It is about focusing on resources and Talents from all over the world. Perhaps the headquarters of a business are in this country but its engineering is done in Germany, its software programming in New Delhi and its manufacturing in Indonesia.

Furthermore, businesses must be able to incorporate the internet into their organizational structure. The internet allows anyone to access any information regardless of where they are period the speed at which information goes from one corner of the world to the other is something that nobody can truly grasp. What it has done is ensure that activities, offices, and functions can be placed all over the world while always being seamlessly connected. The result is that suppliers, employees, and customers can co-operate in real time regardless of their geographical location.

Then, there is speed. Cutting edge technology that is available today and means employees at every level of the organization can seize any opportunity as and when it comes up. Thanks to modern technology, freelancers, suppliers, and employees, regardless of geographical location, can communicate together in their native languages without requiring a translator, ensuring that processes and products can be developed at lightning speed and new markets can be identified almost instantly.

Clearly, organizational structures have to keep up if they are to remain relevant. It could be said that there is a revolution happening and there always winners and losers in any kind of revolution. Only those businesses ready to keep up will be the ones that will survive it. Unfortunately for many, this means that they have to completely restructure and reorganized the way they have always worked. It requires a change of culture and change of approach and none of that has ever proven to be easy for businesses. People are resistant to change after all. However, if business wants to make it in the modern world, there is nothing else to it but to embrace change. Thankfully, people like Boris Blanche are at hand to help businesses make the necessary changes. Sometimes, it only requires a change of policies and procedures, other times it requires a full restructure of the organization. Whichever one it is, Boris will be more than happy to assist.