I have been in New York with my friend Christopher Halajian for around 3 weeks now, he is a local and he has done a stellar job in helping me to tick off some of the things which I wanted to do during my time here. We are currently sitting in a cafe mid-way between Southold and Matticuck, avoiding the chaos outside, we can only assume that given the level of police and the level of people, that there is some elections coming up and the candidates are whipping everyone up into a frenzy. After we finish this drink we are going to be heading to the airport as I say goodbye to this town for a while on my Monday morning flight back to the UK. I wanted to take this chance to jot down some of the experiences which I recommend everyone to do during their time here.

Yellow Cab

There are some iconic images which you will picture before coming to New York, and the yellow cab is most certainly one of them. Whilst I wouldn’t recommend that you use them too often, they aren’t exactly cheap, taking a cab instead of another route at least once is most certainly recommended.

People Watching

The best place to people watch in this melting pot of a city is in the middle of Central Park, here you will be able to spot all kinds of activities from lovers canoodling, martial arts displays, people meditating, praying, eating, drinking and running, the perfect snapshot of this wonderfully diverse city.

Catch Broadway

As far as stage shows go, they don’t come much better than Broadway, a strip of historical theaters and important venues where you can watch the very best of the theater world in their pomp. For a budget show, try to grab an afternoon matinee, these are usually more available and cheaper than an evening show.

Walk Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most iconic shots of the city and you can actually take some time out and walk across it, staring down at the cars below, and right ahead for arguably the best view of the city. Finish off your trip with a classic New York slice of pizza for the perfect Brooklyn experience.

Visit The World Trade Memorial

We can all remember where we were on that fateful day in 2001, and whist we may never forget what we saw, neither has the city. Here at the site of the old twin towers, you will find the memorial which is dedicated to the atrocities of that day. The memorial is free to walk around, where you will see the names of those who lost their lives, and I would recommend paying the $20 to go into the museum where you will see more about the attacks, and the incredible bravery of the New Yorkers that day.

Don’t go to New York without ticking these items off your list.