Have you ever found the need to recruit a private investigator? Not many of us have but who knows when you may find the need to hire one. Private investigators like Danny Boice play an internal role in justice and are experts in a number of fields. Some times people like Danny and his partner Jennifer Mellon are called forth to support law enforcement in there pursuit of justice, other times they may simply be asked by a business to do some background checks. The role of a PI is absolutely huge and they have a wide spectrum of skills and attributes which make them perfect for the job.

Unfortunately however there are a great deal of PIs out there who are not in the same class as Jennifer Mellon and Danny Boice, who are essential charlatans. To ensure that you get the best, Danny recommends that you use  a website called Trustify.

What is Trustify?

Trustify is a website which you can use for your business or personal use to hire personal investigators. The website has been in operation for a number of years now and it is starting to become immensely popular thanks to its professionalism and the results that its PIs are delivering.

Why Should I Use It?

Let’s say that you are looking to hire a PI and you decide to look online for a local contact, whilst you may be lucky enough to read the odd review about the person, you are never going to know for sure how capable they really are. when you hire a PI through Trustify however, they are already going to have gone through the vetting process for you. This not only means that you will get the right person for the specific job that you are looking for, but you can also remove the risk of hiring a cowboy entirely.

Better Investigators

The private investigators that Trustify hires are not just any old Tom, Dick or Harry, they offer some highly proficient and highly skilled PIs, many of him have a history in law enforcement. Beyond the likes of Fanny Voice and Jennifer Mellon they offer some ex-FBI and ex-CIA operatives who have turned into Pis and they have investigated them thoroughly prior to hiring them.


When you hire a PI through Trustify there will be no hidden fees or additional charges at the end o the job because they are committed to give you a clear and transparent pricing system. The prices for the PIs here are also very competitive and you can hire a private investigator for as little as $69 per hour. This transparency simply means that you can rest easy and you can be safe in the knowledge that you won’t be receiving a huge invoice once the job has been completed, as is the case with many unscrupulous private investigators.