Do you have to stop and scratch your head to come up with the last time you had a day trip away from it all? If you answered yes, it may well be time for another getaway.

With that being the case, what kind of day trip would most get your interest?

You could spend a day at the beach. What about a drive into the mountains? Has the idea of a day at a ballgame crossed your mind? Would time at a theme park attraction get you going?

Given there are so many options on the table for you, it could be hard to choose which one best stands out.

So, do you need a day off to get away in the worst way?

What About Enjoying Some of Nature’s Beauty?

Although the beach and mountains offer beauty, would you like something more enticing?

If so, have you considered California whale watching?

Seeing these amazing mammals in their natural setting can be one of life’s greatest joys.

If you go whale watching off the California coast or other areas with whales, note these pointers:

  • Education – Although you learn info about whales during your tour, do some research. In doing this, you will better understand what your tour guide is telling you out on the water.
  • Drink – Be sure you get enough hydration before heading out to sea. Although you may not want to go out on a full stomach, don’t run short of water during the day. Staying hydrated is important to your health and having a good time.
  • Sunscreen – Even on a cloudy day out in the ocean, you could end up with a notable case of sunburn if you do not use sunscreen. Be sure to apply the sunscreen before you go out in the boat and also when needed during the trip.
  • Hat – Along with the need for sunscreen, take a comfortable hat. This will protect your head from getting too much of the sun.
  • Shoes – Even if you are sitting for much of the tour, you still want comfortable shoes on. Your feet will get uncomfortable if you have on the wrong pair of shoes for what can be several hours out at sea.
  • Jacket – While the temperature may be warm inland, it can drop in a hurry once you are out on the water. That is especially the case if the winds kick up. Having a light jacket with you will lessen the chances of being too cold for hours at a time.

Last, if you’ve never been out on the ocean before, do you know if seasickness will be an issue or not?

Many individuals can’t answer the question until they actually get out and experience it.

With that in mind, you may want to take some medicine before you go out on the boat. Also be sure to keep some with you during the trip. While you may never need it, knowing it is there with you can prove to be a calming effect.

So, if you need a day trip in the worst way, share it with some amazing creatures and have a whale of a time.