The dating game can be a tricky one to manage, some win and some lose, but playing the game is essential. Some people like my friend Eric Wetlaufer just have a way with ladies and some, like my buddy Frank Wesson, just don’t. So what is lit that splits the difference between these two men when they court ladies, why does Frank get declined and Eric has success? It could be argued that Frank is a more handsome man, so we can take that out of the equation. It comes down to how each of these gents treats the lady, and here is what Eric does, and why he has success.

 Zero Lines

Something which I have never seen Eric do when trying to court a lady is to rock up with some cheesy chat up line, something which other friend regularly does. We may call it the dating game but Eric knows only too well that some awful line is not what is needed when he wants to talk to a lady. Instead, Eric will simply walk up, introduce himself and garage whether or not she is interested in speaking to him.


 My buddy Frank is very often declined when he invites girls out, and much of this is down to his one-liners that he tries to use, plus the way in which he seems to handle rejection. The reason why Eric is cool and calm when speaking with a lady, is because he knows that there is a chance she says no, and he is fine with that.

 Taking an Interest

 Most guys will walk up to a girl, ask a few questions and then try to impress them with some exaggerated story about how many businesses they own, how many cars they have, how many countries they have visited or just about any other false truth that they can tell in order to woo the women involved. Eric on the other hand, will begin talking to a girl, tell them a little about himself, and then ask her pertinent questions and most importantly, listen to the answer. Girl’s aren’t like children that will like you more when they are impressed, occasionally perhaps, but not with lies.

 Their Friends

Girls are always very close to their friends which means that you need to be kind and charming with the company that they keep. You may wish to grab some time alone with the girl in question, but being rude to her friends is not the answer, treat them as you would her.


It should of course go without saying, but fidelity is a key part of treating a girl well. Many people are unfaithful, and these people get their comeuppance at the end of the day. If you want to treat a girl well, be sure that you are faithful to her.