Online reputation repair is achievable through following some simple yet key criteria. So here is what you can do if your reputation has been damaged and how you can fight back.

The first key is be upfront and honest. If you are about to get some new business and fear that they may find some bad publicity online, then explain it, show them yourselves. You can either explain why this happened and what you now do to ensure that it doesn’t happen again, or you can clarify why this was unjustified.

If there is a reason why you are getting the negative feedback and it is worthy of an apology then apologize, for the good of your business. Make the apology public if this is appropriate and it is always good to offer something as a compensation for your mistake. Whether this be some free products or service or a future free consultation depending upon the nature of your business. This will show the online world that you are mature, responsible, human and trustworthy.

We all know in this day and age that the internet is vast and essentially non-policed. Once negative information is out there it is difficult to get it removed or ignored, but it is not impossible. It will eventually be removed from the caches of google or other search engines and you are able to ask internet browsers, such as google, to remove the page from its listings but this is only once it has been removed. If you do not own the content of that page the only thing you can do is ask the owner to remove the page, you can pursue this legally, but it is costly and rarely effective. It is unlikely that if the page owner wanted to attack you they will remove the page on your request.

The best way to repair your reputation is through search engine optimization. This is a way of making your positive entries more visible on the internet and to drive the bad stuff so far down in the rankings that it is never seen again. Who looks at page 15 of the internet browser search! Most people only read the top three at the most. You then need to back this up with having a great online presence, vlogs are the latest craze which appear to get the best rankings. It is currently highly ranked by google. Traditional blogs are also great, and they do showcase you in a very personal manner that lots of potential customers warm to as they see you as open and honest and therefore a business they can trust. If you add to this a profile on all the main social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook then you will be on the road to success. It is also great publicity to get quoted in other media or for you to write articles relating to your business area. All of this will increase your online presence in a positive way.