Effacing from its serious reputation that garnered the city monikers such as the ‘Steel City’ among others, Pittsburgh is flourishing and how.  Garnering a lot of touristy attention for its things to do in Pittsburgh including interesting museums like the Bicycle Heaven and Carnegie Museum of Natural History, parks and botanical gardens like the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, amidst a plethora of stadiums and arenas, not to mention an amazingly dynamic food scene, the city has got many reaching a trip planner! You might be spoiled for choice and how, but you’ve got to take the following three excursions to see Pittsburgh in a new light!

Rafting at the Middle Yough Ohiopyle

There are a plethora of sights in and around Pittsburgh where you can introduce yourselves to the region’s amazing natural beauty. Mostly spanning across a period of some three to five odd hours, a typical rafting excursion in Pittsburgh is ideal for anyone who is above five years of age. Along with rafting, you can also look forward to some fantastic swimming holes, pools and lots of winding rapids perfect for you to get in and take a splash. Don’t forget to carry your cameras, for you’re in for some stunning sights. Most of the guided tours will be inclusive of on-site lunch and even safety equipment. Albeit, you may have to pay the state park fee.

Biking through the city

If the idea of biking your way through some of the best places to see in Pittsburgh fancies you then you’ve got to take a biking excursion. Making your way through the Downtown, you will see important sites that present to you Pittsburgh’s rich history, architecture and culture. This is a great to way to explore the city as you can reach those facets that are usually not covered by hop on and hop off buses, not to mention it can be a unique way to sightsee. The Strip, the Point Fountain, some parks and a bunch of stadiums is what you will cover on this excursion. Make sure you get yourself a knowledgeable guide to get the most of this experience. The entire trip will take you about two to three odd hours. What’s more? You can embark on your next gastronomy adventure without any guilt after having burnt a good amount of calories cycling around the Downtown!

Get introduced to the city’s gastronomical delights

The food scene in Pittsburgh is big and you’ve got to venture to get the best of authentic goodness. The food is so good that many prefer to skip all the adventure and enlightenment the city has to offer, just to indulge in an experience high on food. The Strip district is where you can explore the city’s dynamic food scenario. Lobster rolls at Wholey’s, insightful tours of the Wigle Whiskey Distillery (of course, finished by some much-awaited tastings), and much more are some things to look forward to along with meeting chefs and even getting some historical knowledge. Skip your breakfast before you head out on this excursion!