vitamin C

With winter upon us, you may have noticed more than a few of your colleagues coughing and sneezing. We all know that when an office plague is going around, it can be tough to avoid. However, with a few tips and minimal effort, you can avoid spending Christmas getting over a cold

Don’t skip breakfast 

If you tend to run out in the morning with no more than a cup of coffee, just know you’re not doing your immune system any favours. Winter is a great time to try a warming breakfast, like porridge. The starchy fibre mix will give you more energy, and boost your defences thanks to its important vitamins and minerals. You can even add some fruit for extra antioxidants and flavour! 

Stay healthy at work

Office health can definitely be a challenge, but there are ways to stay ahead of the curve. Firstly, make sure you get the flu shot if you can so you can stay protected from the most common flu strains this year. 

Even if you do get the shot, there are other things you can do to protect your health. It’s a good idea to use hand sanitizer often, as most germs are spread through ingestion. When that afternoon slump hits, reach for fruit instead of a sugary snack to boost your immunity and keep your energy levels up naturally. Many offices have office fruit boxes to promote employee health and wellness, these come with a plethora of benefits both physical and mental. 

Lastly, stay home if you’re sick! You’ll heal faster, and your colleagues will thank you.

Keep your energy levels up

With fewer hours of sunlight, winter tiredness is real, and it’s a challenge. Disturbed sleep can also contribute to feeling tired and sluggish, which brings our immunity down. Try to get outside in natural sunlight as much as possible during the day, whether that means walking to work in the morning, or taking your lunch break outside. 

Try to get a good night’s sleep as much as possible by training your body to expect its sleep and wake times. Set a schedule for yourself to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, even on weekends. Soon, your body will make it a habit, and you’ll be less tired. 

Get your five a day

Winter is the perfect time for unhealthy comfort food, but it’s often our downfall. Yet – everything in moderation! You can enjoy some treats guilt-free so long as you get your five a day and exercise regularly. Here are seven of the best fruits to consume during the winter to get you started.

To make it easier, go for juicy clementines or satsumas as your fruit of choice, as they tend to be sweeter than other oranges. You can also try adding fruit to other meals (remember the porridge?) to make it easier to incorporate into your diet. You can also roast vegetables or make them into a soup for a warm, comforting meal that’s still nutritious. 

Exercise regularly Everyone knows this one. It’s easy to use the cold winter as an excuse to skimp on exercise, but staying active boosts our immune system and helps us stay healthy. Check out exercise videos for free online if you don’t have a gym membership and you’d rather not go for a run in the cold. Dancing is a great form of exercise as well!