The best beauty clinic which I have ever used was Sono Bello, a perfect place for beauty and relaxation and I was fortunate enough to stumble upon them after reading the Sono Bello reviews. When my friend Lisa decided to start her own beauty parlor in Scottsdale, that was the level that she was eventually looking to reach. Lisa has been magnificent in building her brand and her business, and she has shared some tips with us on how to get the most out of the internet when it comes to boosting the sales of a beauty clinic. Read on for Lisa’s top tips on using the internet to significantly increase sales and footfall.

Promotional Marketing

Lisa used promotional marketing in the very beginning of her business’ life, in order to amp up the amount of people that were coming through the door. This is a very smart marketing tool because it will only cost profit if done right. Lisa released 50 coupons for half price treatments, and put them on coupon site Groupon. The coupons were snapped up pretty quickly and Lisa saw a steady flow of customers coming through. The add-on to this is that when a customer from Groupon cam into the clinic, they were given the most outstanding service, to ensure a return visit at full price. Of the 50, Lisa told me that she estimates at least 35 of those customers came back again, most of whom brought a friend.


Word of mouth is still a great marketing too, only these days it exists online with review sites. Lisa was keen to ensure that she had plenty of reviews and helpful comments on the internet, so she made sure that she was signed up to sites such as Yelp and Google. Lisa also offered her customers a 5% off coupon if they left a review, and she encouraged them to be honest and most importantly that they don’t lie, as they would get the coupon regardless.


Social media has played a huge role for Lisa in pushing her business, but none-more-so than Facebook. What Lisa does so brilliantly on Facebook is that she is always available to speak with her clients and engage with people on the social media channel. The impact of this engagement is that clients feel like they can trust the business and that someone actually cares, a rare value in today’s competitive society. Another way in which Lisa uses the social media site is to make sure that everyone knows about any offers or discounts that are going on. Through regular and creative posting, Lisa whips the followers of her page into a frenzy, so that everyone wants the offers when they go live. As Lisa has shown, using Facebook can be highly effective on your business and your brand, and you don’t even have to invest any money!