Selling art online isn’t a straightforward process as there are many points to consider before you can start selling your work. For a start, there are thousands of art sellers with their own websites and a good search engine and social media presence that’s giving them the competitive edge. Unless you’ve got extensive web development experience and you’re good at marketing, the chances of your online store being a success are slim at best. However, as Louis Hernandez Jr highlights, with the help of Shopify, it doesn’t have to be as difficult and even someone without technical experience can set up a store that will give them a platform to compete with when it comes to selling art online.

Shopify Allows Sellers to Sell Offline

If you’re an artist and you’ve had a good experience when it comes to selling art at fairs or via a storefront you may well benefit from having a Shopify store to help your offline commerce business succeed. Shopify will give you a way for your offline consumers to pay for your art and you can simply handle everything through your smartphone. This makes handling tax easier and you’ll be able to keep all payments and other information in one place.

An Easy Experience for Art Sellers

The problem most artists have found when selling online is that they lack business or technical experience when it comes to running a website. The benefit of running your shop from the likes of Shopify is that you’ll have an easy to use control panel so you can make all necessary changes with support at your fingertips. Having to deal with web hosting companies and domain registrars can be a headache for users with little web development experience, so Shopify is the perfect solution for basic website users.

A True E-Commerce Experience That Requires Little Time & Effort

Not only can you have your shop online in minutes but it doesn’t take a lot of time and effort to manage thanks to the admin panel at your disposal. You’ll be able to add new listings whenever you want and you’ll be able to check on new orders and update existing ones from an easy to use control panel.

The Most Cost-Effective Solution

Just remember, Shopify doesn’t require any design and development costs because they have their own professional theme designers and developers to give you professional looking themes, so you can be online within a matter of minutes. When you’re building a custom-made e-commerce store on a platform such as WordPress you’ll likely have to spend thousands on getting the design and development perfect, and that means it’s going to take weeks, if not months, for you or anyone else to have access to your store.

There are many platforms online that work in the same way as Shopify, but as Shopify is currently one of the most popular and offers great uptime, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give it a try. Shopify isn’t just the perfect solution for art sellers as it’s a platform that can be used for anyone looking to set up an e-commerce store to start selling their products within minutes.