Being a business owner is an incredibly exciting way to make money, what will start with a great idea for a product or service can very quickly change into a rollercoaster ride through the world of business, making you money along the way. Every great business however, needs to start somewhere and often the hardest part of growing a business can be launching it in the first place. My friend Joseph Cianciotto is a business leader her in New York and he says that the question he is asked more than any other when it comes to business is ‘how do I launch my business?’ Today we are going to take a look at that question and see what you can do in order to get your business off the ground both here in New York and beyond.

Perfect the Product

Before you even consider heading into the world of business you will need to ensure that the products or services which you will be offering are absolutely perfect. There is no point in investing time and money into the growth of your company or your brand, if the products which you are selling are not up to scratch. To ensure that you are offering a great product you should be rigorously testing it before launching, do plenty of market research, give out free samples and keep altering and tweaking it until it is perfect. These rules apply whether you are selling a child’s toy or a legal service.

Make Contacts

No business has ever hit dizzying heights on their own and if you want to ensure that you have the best chance for success then you ought to be making as many contacts as possible. The kind of contacts that you should be making will range from suppliers and logistics to other businesses within your field. Much of business is based on the relationships which you have and the deals which you can strike and all of this comes from having a solid list of contacts.

Have a Marketing Strategy

Starting out in business can be tough on the finances, it is very rare that anyone will have a blank cheque for investment in their business and deciding on how and when to spend money is not easy. One area which you simply must dedicate some money too, especially for a new business, is in marketing, in any of its forms. A marketing strategy will enable your business to get recognized by consumers, the ‘build it and they will come’ notion never worked for anybody and the responsibility will be your for you to go out and get clients.


Far too many people procrastinate when it comes to launching their business, waiting for the perfect time or the perfect business plan. The truth is that once the product is perfected and you have a strategy for marketing, go and launch. You will learn so much on your road to success and you will never be completely ready to launch. Having a poor product can really stunt your growth but that is the only thing which can really hold you back if it isn’t perfect, stop talking, get launching.