SMARTLINE is quickly becoming a standard in the power distribution industry and it is really easy to understand why. Lindsey Manufacturing Company managed to create a system that forecasts transmission capacity based on actual measured data as opposed to what is used at the moment, estimates. The installation of the entire system is fast and does not require outages. Also, thanks to a partnership signed with Iridium Communications, there is even satellite communication included in the system.


One thing that many do not know is that the traditional transmission lines have static ratings that are created with the purpose of being conservative. We are looking at conservative ratings that do limit grid operation. Lindsey’s SMARTLINE is informing the person monitoring, telling him exactly what power handling capacity is in place for the transmission line.

When compared with the regular DLR (dynamic line rating) methods, Lindsey SMARTLINE ratings are created in order to actively learn the operation of the conductor and how it behaves when faced with different factors like conductor temperature, load and ambient temperature. This is important since it brings us to the following important point of the discussion.

SMARTLINE Transmission Capacity Forecasting (TCF)

SMARTLINE TCF is a platform that gives access to really accurate transmission line power carrying capacity forecasts. This is a platform that is guaranteeing the fact that capacity forecasts are as accurate as possible right now. Practically, the forecasting offers information about what load can work without damaging parts of the network or overloading them.

SMARTLINE TCF improves reporting, allowing it to be delivered at the desired time frame, ranging from once per hour to once per week. This is really important for planning functions, operations and engineering, together with the potential integration with the emergency systems in real-time and day-ahead markets.

Through the use of this transmission capacity forecasting feature the users manage to eliminate operational and dispatch limitations normally in place when using the fixed capacity transmission assets. These are replaced with powerful transmission pathways capable of dealing with real-time conditions. The entire distribution network becomes smart because it adapts to changing conditions as opposed to relying on something that happened in the distant past.

SMARTLINE Next Generation Dynamic Line Rating (DLR)

DLR simply means the maximum carrying capacity that a line has while making sure there is zero thermal damage present. SMARTLINE-DLR can easily offer this but it also improves the system by giving access to enhanced DLR.

Due to the use of advanced DLR rating results, the TLM conductor monitors manage to create a system that guarantees optimum line usage. Conductor thermal damage is practically eliminated from the equation. At the same time, the system can even check to see that all legal clearance requirements are met.

On the whole, Lindsey Manufacturing managed to create a highly effective system that is highly beneficial for every single power distribution and transmission line out there. With the use of the technology that was developed, SMARTLINE is capable of delivering the quality industries need and true reliability.