Matias Campiani is a very successful businessman who is willing to embrace change. No matter how amazing and great value your product is no one is going to buy it if they don’t know it exists. This is why some businesses have to create business leads. Even if you have a product that isn’t quite as good, but you get all the leads then you will still sell more than a superior competitor.

So how do you engage directly with your customers? In the twenty first century live chat and forums are some of the best ways to do this. People are used to getting a quick response such as a google search. Patience is not a virtue of the millennial generation. This quick-fire response and great advice will ensure that your potential customers are engaged which could lead to them becoming actual customers. Moreover, they will let people know that your company offers fast and accurate responses to queries.

Outbound marketing is still effective, and this is best done now by having a very active presence online. Personalizing your online presence is also a great tool for engagement as it promotes trust in your company. Your customers will feel as if they are developing a relationship with you and people will buy from people they feel connected to.

 If your company doesn’t currently have the technology to actively have an online presence it may be time to update. It is not an area that you can ignore in promoting your company in the twenty first century. Over three quarters of us will look online if we want a new product or service and if your company doesn’t have an online presence you will lose business and that is for certain.

Twitter will also show you who your potential leads may be; there are tools on Twitter that will allow you to analyse your followers and find out who your niche market is. From that vantage point you can then establish what they like, what they worry about and how you can engage them via your content.

This leads us to the fact that content is a great way to engage potential customers. Videos, images and infographics are especially good for catching people’s attention and also giving them the information, they want quickly and easily and in a way that is easy to understand.

To further your online presence, you could have an intelligent and humorous Twitter stream. Remember to use hashtags to make you easier to find.

You could also use Email marketing. When doing this you should ensure that the subject line sounds inviting but also make sure that it is relevant. You want the reader to open the email in anticipation of its contents. It should be something that they have been wondering about. It should be straight to the point and embedded images are also good for the audience.

Don’t forget to get the MD to sign the email. This will make the reader aware that all of your company, right to the top, cares about their custom and the business.