You have a business that needs to be marketed to existing and new customers. Unfortunately you are a bit out of touch with the times and do not really know how to connect with them and you are petrified of doing it wrong. Well the truth is that you should be scared.

Over the past fifteen years, things have changed dramatically in terms of marketing and PR and marketing professionals like Michael Volitich if you do it the wrong way you could lose customers and keep news ones from using your products and services.

Marketing and PR is part science and part art and it can often make or break an enterprise. Here are some tips to aim you in the right direction and steer you from the wrong ones.  

Don’t Do Too Much Marketing

If your company has great products and services the natural inclination is to consistently let everyone know how great they are because the thought is that the more you Market them the more sales your company will get. The problem is that customers often resent companies that continuously market to them. They feel as if the company is not giving them enough room to make their own decisions and is instead forcing their opinion on them. In today’s business environment that demeanor is not one that you want for your company.  

You can also come off as being arrogant or too confident. Customers today are looking for companies that will walk with them to a destination and a system when they need help getting there. They don’t want to feel pressured or look down upon and they certainly don’t want to feel as if they don’t buy your products then they must be dumb or uninformed. So fight your inclination to / Market your products and services. Instead send things out sparingly to your clients and potential clients and make sure that the things you send our impactful.

Keep It Classy

The type of marketing that you engage in should definitely reflect the type of products and services that your company sells. If you sell products that are low quality or edgy then by all means you should have marketing that reflects this reality. Those were in the gimmick and pornography Industries can look too do marketing that might be less than tasteful.

For everyone else however, you need to market your products in a way that shows respect and dignity. You want your clients to be proud of the fact that they are purchasing from you and the way to do that is to market the products in such a way that they are proud to purchase them. Sometimes companies are not sure whether the marketing campaign that they are running is tasteful. This can certainly be a difficult question to answer. One way to answer the question is to ask yourself if it is something that you would be proud of if one of your children brought it to you. If you answer yes, chances are it’s in good taste.