Amazon prime is really good because of few things which it offers like lightening deals and you get the bonus video streaming just like Netflix. There are other benefits also which can be avail by prime members like faster two-day delivery of products.

Let’s look why Amazon prime makes online shopping fun and easy and look at few benefits –

Free two-day delivery – This is the most loved benefit which you get on all the deals which you do mostly. Some of the exceptions are always there. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to place an order of certain amount to avail this benefit. If you don’t know and have amazon prime then you can start using it now.

Release date delivery – This is exclusive for prime members as they are allowed to pre-book phones and book. The best thing is that you will receive your product on the same day it is released. You can showboat this by having something on just the very first day of release. This really makes you feel proud and feel good factor also increases with services like these.

Money-saving – If you are ordering something below a certain amount then you don’t have to pay delivery charge if you have prime membership. This could be a real money saver because you don’t have to pay addition some bucks on delivery. This is one of the favourite benefits for most people. People always like to buy household item which are extensively cheap and if you have to pay the same amount of delivery as the product. Then it’s not reasonable however the free delivery of amazon prime got it covered for you.

Free coupons and discounts – The prime membership also gives exclusive prime deals for 2018 which offers you heavy discounts. The sales done by prime sales seldom provide the members with free coupons that can be used in food chain like dominos and others. Apart from this some other discounts and coupons are always accessible for the prime members. This really helps you in saving much money. In some specific days you get heavy discount if you are really a prime member.

5 Amazon prime videos – This is the bonus thing which you get and it enables you to stream your favourite movie or season in real time HD. You can watch movies and other entertaining stuffs. This Netflix style video streaming is the most entertaining benefit which you will get from Amazon prime. Even if you don’t buy too much from Amazon then too the amazon prime videos are worth spending money.

Amazon drive app – This is much like google drive which offers you unlimited cloud storage for videos. You can save your photos on cloud and it is exclusively available to prime members. To avail this service, you have to download Amazon drive app on your smart phone or tablets. There is also a desktop version too for windows and Mac users.