After a recent new report here in the Seattle Herald, business man and philanthropist Peter Zieve, chairman of Electroimpact who was born and raised in Mukilteo, Washington has been making waves about community spiritedness. In fact, Peter has used this platform to launch something of a campaign which is looking to encourage everyone to do something more to give back to their community. Peter himself already does this through his local sports program in Mukilteo, Washington and he believes that everyone has something to give. We tend to agree with Peter Zieve and this blog post is designed to help you decide what you could do.


If there is any reason why you simply do not have time to help out others in the community then this doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything. In fact what you could do here is to donate your money instead of your time, helping out community based organizations. Private organizations rely on funding from people like you and I in order to keep going and this could be a great way to help.


If you have a particular skill then you could use your skills to give classes and teach younger people. For example, there are many people across the country who are using boxing as a wonderful medium which is helping to educate kids and take them off the streets at the same time. You could give boxing classes, guitar lessons or anything else that you have a passion for and that you think can help.

Senior Center

Remember that the community is all age groups and this is why a regular visit to a retirement center would be such a great idea. If you are able to spend some time with even one resident per week then you will be bringing light and joy to their lives. Many of these men and women have lead fascinating lives and yet now they have very few people to talk with. Even if you only have an hour per week you can do a great amount of good for someone.

Family Help

In a huge number of communities around the country there are families who have had some bad luck and who need our help. This could be as the result of a bereavement, a job loss or even illness and these are the people that the community should rally around and support. In fact if the community does nothing for these families then the unfortunate truth is that nobody will because in local politics they do not address problems like this. You could help someone with child care, help them to get some groceries, fix things in the house or even just offer them a listening ear. There is always something that you can do.

In order to reverse the erosion of community we must step up and do our bit for everyone within our local community.