Public safety should always be a priority for local councils across the UK who are involved in waste collection schedules using bin lifting and other equipment. These vehicles are large and can cause a lot of damage if they are not used in the right way and if operators are poorly trained. On top of that, vehicles that aren’t properly maintained or fit for purpose could injure staff, which causes additional problems. Below, we are going to look at some of the public safety considerations that councils must make when using bin lifters.

Choosing Safe Vehicles

Often, it can be much easier to protect the safety of the public when you choose the right vehicles for the job. Not all bin lifters have features that optimise safety and so these should be avoided. If you take a look at a supplier such as, you’ll see just how safe their bin lifters are and the high level of service and support they offer. These vehicles have features such as inflatable barriers that enhance the safety of both the operator and the public nearby. This should be something that is considered by those choosing these vehicles in order to ensure everyone is safe.

Access to Streets

During bin collection days, it can be hard not to obstruct traffic on the streets, especially with large vehicles and parked cars in the way. For this reason, councils must ensure that their schedules do not cause too much disruption that could result in someone getting injured or getting in an accident. Not only can bin lifters and staff get in the way of the roads, but they can also cause obstructions on footpaths. Bins should be returned to their previous location in order to avoid causing obstacles that could injure the public. 

Training Staff

Any staff that are using bin lifters in order to do their job must be properly trained to use these vehicles. Not only can it be hard to drive these large vehicles and ensure roads are not blocked but it can also be difficult to avoid injury at the back end. 

Staff must know exactly how the vehicle works and ensure that they don’t get in the way when it springs into action. As in any business, adequate health and safety training must be carried out in order to protect the public and staff. If there are any incidents, it should be policy that staff are retrained in order to avoid this kind of issue happening again.

Safety Is A Main Concern

It is up to the local council or any business operating bin lifters to keep staff and the public safe at all times. Sure, staff don’t always do what they are asked but if they are properly trained then they can ensure the safety of those around them. It is also very important the right vehicles are chosen for the job as some aren’t as safe as others. Make sure to consider everything that we have discussed in this article and use these tips to prioritise the safety of those around your bin lifters.