RV loans in Florida can lend you the money for you finally to get that boat you have been dreaming of. Then the next dream is it really possible for you to sale it to the Bahamas with its crystal blue waters and white sandy deserted and tranquil beaches. The island paradise; is this something that even the most professional and qualified sailor can manage and navigate. Well it isn’t the easiest of journeys and that is only to get to the most popular and slightly crowded spots on one of the Islands. If you want to reach some of the more remote spots, then it will be even more difficult but extremely rewarding as they offer the most scenic and tranquil beaches and attractive amenities.

It is a fairly quick passage across the gulf stream from Florida’s Atlantic coast to the nearest of the Bahamas Islands. The quickest places to reach are Bimini and Grand Bahama, although not a great distance the seas are not the easiest to navigate and you should never underestimate the strong current of the gulf stream which can mess with your navigation equipment. The weather can change from beautiful blue skies to torrential rain and storms in a matter of moments and it appears to come from nowhere. You must do lots of preparation and seek lots of professional guidance as well as traveling with a seasoned sailor before you even think about this trip.

The three main things to consider are the speed that your boat is able to reach, the Gulf stream current that will pull against that and possibly the effect it will have on your equipment and also the weather expected at the time of travel, including looking at previous years weather charts. You will need your GPS board to be in full working order so that it can get you back on track if the current messes with your equipment.

A Powerboat that can travel between fifteen and twenty knots should reach one of the closest islands within a few hours. The best days to choose weather wise are those with a steady breeze but not blustery days. This will help you get to the Islands pretty quickly. Again, seek professional guidance on this matter.

The final and best thing to do is arrive and enjoy yourself. The stunning beauty will strike you as you approach the islands and you will feel like you arrived in paradise. The marinas are safe and full of amenities such as grocery stores, cafes, shops and restaurants. You therefore do not have to fill the boat with everything but the kitchen sink before you set off. Enjoy the beauty and facilities offered by the marinas and once you have had a little rest and relaxation set off to explore all that these beautiful sun-kissed islands have to offer you. Then once you have braved this journey plan the next one where you can go further afield and really begin to start your boating adventure.