When Ryan Grigson took on the job of personal executive for the Cleveland Browns, he couldn’t be happier. The Cleveland Browns have a long and fascinating history and one of the NFL’s strongest fan bases around. Fans have high expectations of their team and Grigson will do all he can to meet those.

Ryan Grigson on the Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns are based in Cleveland Ohio. They are a member club of the American football conference and can therefore compete in the national Football League, which is the NFL. Home games of the Cleveland Browns are played in the FirstEnergy Stadium, a stadium that opened in 1999. Additionally, they have training facilities and administrative offices in Berea Ohio. The colors of the team of brown, orange, and white. Uniquely, the Cleveland Browns do not feature there team logo on the players’ helmets. They are in fact the only NFL team that do not have this.

The team was established some 73 years ago on June 4th, 1944. They played their first season two years later. They joined the national Football League in 1950 period the team has 3 mascots, being Brownie the Elf, Swagger, and Chomps. The head coach is Hue Jackson, John Dorsey is their general manager, Paul DePodesta is the president, and the owners are Jimmy and Dee Haslam.

People often joke about the fact that the Cleveland Browns never win and it is certainly true that they were only able to get in the NFL championships four times. This was in 1950, 1954, 1955, and 1964. However, it seems that fans are not interested in winning or even making it into the championships, they are solely interested in their team and supporting it. Indeed, no other team in the NFL seems to have a fanbase as strong as the Cleveland Browns. They’re dedication and love for there team is something that every NFL fan, regardless of team affiliation, is aware of.

That being said, the Cleveland Browns have had to winning Seasons, being in 2002 and in 2007. In 2002, they also had a playoff appearance although they have not had any playoff wins. One of the issues is that the Cleveland Browns seem to struggle to have a stable quarterback. Indeed, since 1999, they have half of 28 different players in that position. Between 1999 and 2017, the Cleveland Browns won just 88 games and lost 216. Indeed, in 2017, they finished the season 0-18, something that only the Detroit Lions were able to do in 2008 before them.

Interestingly, the Cleveland Browns our current record holders for longest active playoff drought. So far, it’s lands at 15 Seasons. They achieved this record in the same year that the Buffalo Bills were able to break there playoff drought, which lasted 17 years. For the fans however, none of this matters. All they care about is their team, win or lose. They know that when the Cleveland Browns will come back to their former glory, it will be absolutely magnificent.