Real Estate Tips

We’re well aware of the fact that selling your house on your own without any professional assistance of a realtor is legal. Well, doing so also spares you from spending a hefty sum of almost $25,000 on estate agent’s fees. Being your own estate agent is not that all difficult. Even if you’re a beginner, you can sell your house without a professional realtor, provided if you make informed decisions and take essential steps required in the process.

Now how to sell a house without an agent? There are some ethics associated with it. We discuss some of the most pivotal ones that influence the decisions of the buyer.

Pricing Your House

Your house must be priced competitively – not too cheap and not too expensive than the houses on sale in your neighbourhood. Thus, it is imperative that prior to listing your house on estate portals, you must do the basic internet research to get yourself acquainted with the trending prices of houses similar to yours.


Most of the property marketing can be done today by you on your own, thanks to the advent of social media platforms. However, you can consult a marketing firm as well. These firms will guide you through the process of listing your house on estate portals which will get you the “for sale” signs you see on the driveways of houses. Also, marketing firms will design brochures to advertise your sale. This help is not mandatory, but is an option to consider since it’ll cost you not more than a fraction of a realtor’s fees you’re saving.

Preparing for an Open House

Before you conduct an open house, there are three things you must do. The first thing would be to make sure your house is advertised enough in the neighbourhood of your choice so that people are aware of the sale. Second thing is to have a grip on some solid selling points of your house. It can be the granite countertops, big airy windows, location or maybe the view from the bedrooms. Finally, you must arrange for refreshments for your open house. People do come to check houses for refreshments.

Show the House

First prepare your house for visits. Wipe the windows, scrub the kitchen counters, vacuum the carpets, and clean the tiles. Make your house as spotless and presentable as you can. Then when people visit your house answer their queries honestly. Do not brag about your house at all.

Negotiate & Seal the Deal

You must carry out the negotiations with the party interested in buying your house while being fully aware of any governing laws that prevail in your city related to selling houses. You can educate yourself about such laws over the internet before you seal the deal with the buyer. The safest way is to consult a solicitor who can help you understand the contract you’ll have to sign.

The ultimate motivating factor in selling your house without an agent is the tremendous amount of money you’ll save and enjoy. The process requires patience and time, but if you know even a little about basic sales, then the chances are you’ll make it through.