When you fly into an airport, you are typically tired and want to quickly get through the airport and to your destination. This is certainly the case for those who come through Atlanta’s large Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. The journey through this mammoth structure is tiring on its own and the last thing you want is issues with the shuttle service you hire. First thing to know is that if you want to use a shuttle bus Atlanta is a great airport to find one. Second, there are tips to know that make everything run smoothly. Some of these tips if followed will lead you directly to the type of company you should hire when you need a shuttle service. We have gathered a few of those key questions that you should review and get answered before you hire an Atlanta airport shuttle service.

Do They Have a Great Online Presence

The company you choose should have a robust website that allows you to understand the history and services of the company. You should be able to review the types of shuttles and private cars the company offer and be able to order shuttles online. You should also be able to get great customer service from the website. The company should also have a strong social media presence where they interact with current and potential customers, present any new vehicles or services they have available, offer discounts and answer questions

Do They Have Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

You should be able to easily locate testimonials about the company from satisfied customers. Reputable companies are happy to post testimonials on their website and not all of this feedback is 100% positive because every company will sometimes make mistakes causing customers to challenge their commitment to them. This also gives the company an opportunity to show how they responded to repair a problem and cared about the customer relationship.

Convenient Airport Locations

Do They Have a Diverse Fleet of Vehicles

The top shuttle companies have a diverse fleet of vehicles because they know that customers will have different needs. Some vehicles can fit large parties while others have lots of truck space for passengers with many packages and others have large and private back seats giving customers an ability to rest in comfort on the drive from the airport. This large variety gives customers a choice and allows them to get exactly what they need in a shuttle or car service.

Do They Have Professional Drivers

The right shuttle company will only hire experienced drivers with a minimum amount of time driving other people around. Each driver must have a clean driving record and be fully insured. Further each driver must be screened to insure that they are both capable of driving at the quality level you demand and that they have the right demeanor to provide top customer service.