Tatiana Regan started a food-related Instagram page around 4 years ago with the intention of simply creating a community around her love of Mediterranean food. Over the years her following has grown an incredible amount and she is now making a living from her Instagram exploits. I have been friends with Tatiana ever since she began this channel and I have watched her use all the tools which she has at her disposal to grow her following and create exactly what she wanted from the outset, a healthy and vibrant community of fellow food lovers. If you want to increase your following, here is how she did it, perhaps you can be inspired why her strategy.

Content is Always King

Even when Tatiana only had 50 followers, she used to work incredibly hard on providing high quality content for her page. This meant that she would never simply snap a shot and upload it but instead she would pay careful attention to every detail of the image from the tone and sharpness, to the background and the colors. This dedication to perfection is what has caught the eye of so many and it is why her page grew and grew at such speed.

Engaging With Followers

Tatiana was always so happy when people commented on her posts that she would relish the idea of writing back to them, including them in what she was doing and basically returning the love that they showed to her. This passion for community spiritedness is what helped her to exponentially grew her following because people love the idea of being valued. In doing this Tatiana was able to help her existing followers feel valued and loved, and in turn inspire others to follow her so that they may become part of this community.


Hashtags and geotags are so important on Instagram and that was something which Tatiana understood from a very early moment. People can follow tags on Instagram, and they can also search for them which is why tags make such a difference on Instagram versus other social media channels. Tatiana will lace her updates with hashtags so that she can reach out to a wider community, something which has worked incredibly well for her thus far. If you want to appeal to a wider audience on Instagram, you need to hashtag too.


Tatiana has always been on top of her trends and whenever there is a food type or cuisine which is being heavily talked about, she will upload content, both old and new, which can grab the attention which is being given to the particular trend. Let’s say that pasta is trending because of a new kind that has been created, she will upload beautiful pictures or recipes of pasta dishes which help new followers to find her.

If you want to find fame as an Instagrammer, why not try out some of Tatiana’s tricks?