Who doesn’t love playing around with their summer makeup looks? There’s something about wearing a splash of colour on your face that makes you look so lively and fun to be around. However, one of the most important things that you should consider wearing is eyeliner. Eyeliner is the perfect thing to wear if you are looking to highlight your eyes and ultimately make them appear bigger. Once you have chosen a reliable eyeliner brand (because wearing either pen or pencil eyeliner can have a large effect on your overall look) then it’s time to pick a line style. Keep in mind that there are a high number of different styles and these can affect how your eyes look when you wear additional makeup. If you are looking for a way to change up your fashion style, a new type of eyeliner style may be the best way forward. Here are the latest eyeliner trends that are sweeping the world, this summer 2019.

The Simple Cat Eye

If we are going to talk about any sort of eyeliner look, we have to start with the simple cat eye, This is a single line that is drawn on the upper and lower lid, connecting in the corner of the eye. This look is easy to do with a steady hand and is great for any sort of professional look, as it is perfect to combine with natural browns, pinks and white eye shadows. Whether you’re a high-end lawyer or one of the beautiful women from a quality Liverpool escort service, this look will give you a soft, professional appearance that also looks stunning.

The Cat Tail

So you’ve seen a normal winged eyeliner that has a sharp edge at each of the corners of the eye, but have you heard of a cattail? A cattail line is softer and tends to have more a curve to it. A wing only points a tiny bit whilst a cattail can curve right to the eyebrow. It curves like cattail and is a very bold and striking look in its own right. It looks fantastic when combined with coloured deep shading on the eyelid. Try using dark blues and pinks with it and see what results you get. 

The Fish Fin

Are you after a look that is a little more than a cattail but isn’t too much? Well, why not try out a fish fin look? This is a double flick that pulls out at opposite in (which is why it resembles a fish fin). Draw a thick cattail line and allow it to dry. Once finished then draw an opposing line beneath the cat line. You can make the opposing fins as big and curved as you prefer. You can also add an extra eyeliner line beneath the lower lid if you are looking for an additional effect. 

Sparkle Liner

Everyone has been going mad over jewels and glitter this season. So, why not to do the same with your eyeliner? Pick out some of your favourite glitter shades and apply a coat to your eyeliner once your primary coat has dried. Combine it with a black and grey eye shadow shade and your eyeliner will stand out. This look is fantastic for parties and will make you stand out on the dance floor. 

Liner Designs

Of course, you could always forgo eyeshadow and additional makeup tools to solely focus on your eyeliners design. Have you seen the patterns on stained glass windows? Well, you’re about to do the same thing on your eyes, minus the colour. Feel free to do a simple eyeliner line and then expand out with the pen. Some people draw flowers on their eyes or do spotted patterns or additional flared lines to resemble points or “eyelashes.” Try doodling on your eyelids and see what you come up with. Just make sure you have enough makeup wipes to take it off if you do not like the design. 


Let’s say that you’ve got several different eyeliner pens and extremely bright colours. Well, why not combine them? Everyone knows that this season the theme is “bigger is better”, so try out some elegant designs on your eyes and then fill them in with different sparkly colours or eye shadow shades. You can go as big as you like and try out several different colour combinations. Lots of people go for plant vine themes or wave themes. Don’t be scared to try out some glitter as well. Just make sure to use a softer eyeshadow look once you have finished your design. This will bring more attention to your pattern and won’t make your face look like it’s being overrun with eye shadow makeup.

What eyeliner style are you going to try? 

What could be more fun than playing around with your style and seeing what works for you? Eyeliner is a trend that should be used to make you feel more confident. The look that works for you may not work for someone else, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t rock it. Keep playing with your eyeliner designs until you find the perfect one for you. Now that you have your new eyeliner look in place, get ready to rock the town. Your new style is going to look great!