We live in a world where it seems that everyone wants to be a super star Instagrammer or social media celeb, but very few actually reach those heights. One person who most certainly has is Eva Lovia, a social media influencer and lifestyle blogger who has a huge following online, and a lady who makes a living from her online success. If you want to reach the heights that you have set for yourself it is important that you learn from and are inspired by people like Eva Lovia and here is what she has done in order to gain the success that she has. 


 High quality and frequent content is the ultimate way in which you will convince people to follow you and this is something which Eva Lovia has been aware of from the outset. Not only does Eva produce great content for her blog but she also regularly stream on her Twitch channel MadeWithLovia, and she is also a big contributor when it comes to Instagram. Because of the fact that she is putting out content across different channels, she is able to gain a large following who know what to expect from the content.


 Many people will tell you that you should create a blog within a niche topic in order to gain a more loyal following  but there is more to it than that. Eva does this perfectly because since the beginning she has made her channels about food. However what Eva has done particularly well is to combine the content about food with other passions that she has such as travel and other lifestyle topics. In this way Eva Lovia has crossed different niches but has still stayed true to what her content is primarily about, food blogging.


 Something which so many people forget about when blogging or putting out content on social media is to engage with the community that you have created. This is something which Eva Lovia does brilliantly across all of her social media channels and it is why her following remain so loyal. The whole idea of the internet, of blogging and of updating social media is that you are creating a community, it is only right therefore that you interact regularly with the people who are coming to check you out. On her Twitch channel MadeWIthLovia for example, Eva regularly streams recipes and cooking tips, during the streams she is constantly speaking with the viewers and answering any questions that they may have. This interaction is why she has not only a large following, but a following who continuously come back for more content, because they feel valued by the person that is putting it out.

 If you want to become a successful online bigger or social media presence, take note of people like Eva Lovia, watch what they do well and then learn from it in order to achieve the success that you are looking for.