The hotel industry is one that might not be known for smart tech, but it is imperative that it keeps up with the rest of the world. If you are a manager or hotelier, you need to make sure that you are keeping the tech powering your hotel up to date. Here are some of the examples of smart tech revolutionising the hotel industry.

Why Update Your Hotel’s Tech?

No matter what standard of hotel you operate, you need to think about introducing some of the latest and greatest tech to bring it into the modern world. Even a budget hotel needs to keep its patrons and their belongings safe. As you move up the rankings, through boutique hotels and onto luxury establishments, the need to provide a quality place to stay becomes more necessary.

Those who operate luxury hotels should make sure to have many of the services that a patron can have in their own home. Smart tech is one of the latest improvements that can help you create this experience.

Key Cards

Everyone is familiar with key cards when they visit a hotel. They replaced keys for doors some time ago, yet still improvements are being made that improve the industry every day. One of the biggest benefits has been the ability to cut keys on demand. If a patron needs an additional key or mislays their current one, they can enquire at the front desk and have a new one made up in just a short amount of time.

You can also use key cards for staff ID. It is incredibly important that you have staff-only areas in a hotel where supplies can be kept. By introducing controlled access through ID cards, you can also limit which members of staff are allowed into certain areas. Take a look at some of the access cards here to give you an idea about what can be achieved with the right card:

Room Atmosphere

Some luxury hotels are introducing smart hubs into their hotel rooms. This gives more control over the environment to the patrons staying there. These smart hubs are able to do incredible things like change the temperature of the room with the push of a button and operate automatic lights and blinds.

The focus is truly on creating an unforgettable experience that will allow a patron to relax. Much of this also comes from placing such controls in the hands of the customer themselves, instead of it being controlled by the hotel.


A big part of these smart hubs will also bring with communication and connection. Whether we are messaging the front desk in the event of a late arrival or someone is getting in touch with the concierge to book a taxi to the airport, there is always something that can be done to improve communication between staff and guest.

Whether you work in the hotel industry or you want to know more about the experience you can receive as a customer, there is always something new to learn about. This is one industry that will benefit immensely from the advancements in technology being made at the minute.