Soccer is a team-based game that is energetic and ensures enthusiastic participation of all playing members. Whether you are a seasoned player or an amateur, this game has an all-encompassing nature that is enjoyed by all. You can play a casual game with just 5 players on each side or you can have a formal full-fledged game with 11 players. Soccer is a fun game but it has a lot of benefits as well. Here are the top 5:

1. Physical Fitness and Stamina

The game is played for 90 minutes. It is a high impact sport that stretches one’s cardio-vascular limits. As a result, the heart remains healthy and there is a less chance of diseases in future. Though there is a short break, the 90 minutes is a long span to continuously move around the field. If you play persistently, you will notice your stamina increase with every passing day. 

2. Bone and Muscle Strength

This is a wonderful game for gaining strength, fat loss, and toning of muscles. It ensures that you are fit with a sculpted physical structure. All muscles in the body are made to function in this game. The exercise increases strength of the overall body. Special attention is paid to the leg and thigh muscles. These are toned to perfection. The body loses out on unnecessary mass and fat content. Therefore, soccer makes one totally fit. 

3. Mental Fitness

Physical activity has a positive impact on mental health too. Since soccer involves a lot of fast movement and strenuous exercise, it releases endorphins that trigger positive feelings. This keeps you happy and mentally agile. The game involves focusing on the ball and maneuvering it and this requires a lot of coordination. The game will make you think faster and make better decisions so that you win the match. Soccer therefore contributes a great deal towards mental fitness.

Another aspect of soccer is the way it helps develop new skills. Once you start playing, you develop it into a hobby. Each game teaches a new skill of movement and maneuver. Being alert, cautious of the opponent’s moves, mind body coordination are some of the other positives of playing soccer.

Local soccer clubs across the United States are paying a lot of attention towards the physical and mental development of their players. A soccer club in Dallas we spoke to emphasized on the importance of soccer in the overall development of young boys and girls.

4. The Social Angle

People in modern times are trapped by their screen – laptops, mobiles, iPads, and television sets get more attention than humans. Soccer gives a break from all of these and increases human communication and coordination. It is a wonderful way to make new friends, adjust with them, socialize with them and then make sure that the game continues with the collective effort of all players. Soccer provides a platform for all like-minded people with a love for the game to meet and develop a camaraderie.

5. Team Spirit and Bonding

Once you start meeting and playing together, you will get to know the strong and weak points of your fellow players. This is how a rhythm develops. The spirit of playing together as one team against the opponent is a learning that stays for a lifetime. Soccer helps develop a bond between fellow players and this team spirit helps win against the toughest of opponents. 

Benefits of soccer are many and therefore it is a popular game. The lessons learnt from the game are many – team spirit, understanding of others, developing the mind and body. These remain with players as lessons learnt will help in developing a wholesome character. One, who has played soccer, will always love it due to the fact that the game has taught life skills to deal and tackle with the various ordeals of life.