High school graduation opens up a whole new world for the young adult. There are lots of options but college is one of the most popular ones for people over the past couple of decades, as they become more affordable for the average person. Once one has decided to go to college, the next step will be to ask themselves this: where? There are so many options, and it can be hard to narrow them down. Here are some of the top colleges in the US in 2018 to help soon to be high school graduates decide what their next step is.

Princeton University

Most people know that the Ivy League schools are at the top for a reason, but what is the top Ivy League School? In 2018 it is thought to be that Princeton University is the top school. It is a fairly large school with over 8,000 students, but the faculty to student ratio is 1 to 5, so there will still be lots of one on one time for the students. For the 7% accepted generally financial aid covers most of the cost. The academics are excellent and there are many majors for one to choose from.

Williams College

For those more interested in liberal arts, Williams College may be the right match. It has only around 2,000 students at one time, and there is a large, secluded campus that will make it a preferable choice for those that want a quieter college experience. The school is one of the oldest in the countries and is known for having trivia contests. The school has many different majors one can choose from, focusing around the following: arts, languages, social sciences, mathematics, and science. It may be the perfect college for one looking for a smaller, more laid-back environment, that still has high academic standards.

Rice University

Rice University is great in many different areas. The academics are excellent and one of the highest in the country. The campus is beautiful and makes a wonderful place to live on during ones’ college years. It’s diverse and one of the best colleges in the United States for athletics. Even the party culture is active, so no matter what one is looking for in college, they should be able to find it at Rice University. Plus, the acceptance rate is 15% which is higher than the prior two listed.

University of Notre Dame

Notre Dame may be the most popular college that is not Ivy League. It is popular for a reason! The college has high-standing academics and athletics, which makes it a good college to both learn and play. Plus, the campus is beautiful with its chapel and old timey architecture. There’s a wide range of majors, and once financial aid is applied, it is affordable. This college may be perfect for one wishing to connect to their spiritual side, because of its chapel, but the school will provide a wonderful education to anyone.