A top seo firm will always search for the simplest, quickest and most cost-effective way to promote your business and its online presence. They will consider using a press release but not in all cases. They will determine when this will add value to the process. Humans buy from humans, and very often the angle of the release will be a human story. Where you have come from to get where you are and what obstacles you have overcome. In turn the press release will gain online media from Yahoo News or Google, so it will come full circle. So what things do you need to consider when writing a press release?

You need to decide your angle, as online media it needs to be a story not a standalone advert, you can intertwine the product to a story, for example how the product saved a life or hit a niche. The reader wants to see how open, honest and passionate you are about your business. Find out what is unique about you and your company, this could be a story from your past that influenced you to start your company it could include your humble beginnings and how far you have come but that you have never forgotten your roots.

Again, just like online you need to include some keywords, your readers need to be able to find your story. To build on this theme you will need to include a very descriptive headline. Think of when newspaper stories have gone viral, it has very often been due to a catchy or humorous headline, a play on words. It is also good to keep your headline down to 80 characters.

Write your article like a journalistic article should be written. Avoid jargon, include keywords, make it clear and concise and convey all the details you want to convey quickly. Be to the point. Try to include an about the company section but ensure that it is relevant and that your article flows. Write this in the third person and don’t let it take up more than three lines. Ensure that you include links that will lead to your homepage and include the company’s website address within your three-line allowance. Although you are writing as an article it is also important to think of the piece as a webpage. Therefore, use appropriate formatting for both, some short sentences and paragraphs. Make sure it will look ok in email format too.

Just like anything in life, choose who you go with carefully. Think about local media sources they are more likely to give you more front-end space. Consider radio and television and newsletters, magazines and blogs. After your press release hits be prepared for questions, quotes, interviews, photos, be prepared to share even more about yourself and your organization. Respond to any queries in a very timely manner or you have missed the boat and the whole purpose of your press release will be lost. Get more hands-on deck if required. Follow these steps to press release success and wait to reap the rewards.