Your bedroom is a reflection of your personal space. It is where you head to after a long day at work. Your bedroom is where you spend maximum time when you are home. It is a tedious task to curate furniture for your bedroom. You want style and comfort on a budget. If you set out to choose every piece you love, you might end cluttering your space with unnecessary pieces of furniture. Over the years, the trend in modern bedrooms is about minimalism. Homeowners are opting for furniture which is necessary inside the bedroom. They do not want unnecessary furniture taking up space. One of the most important pieces of bedroom furniture is the bed. No bedroom is ever complete without a high quality, sturdy and comfortable bed. If you are going to have only one piece of furniture in your bedroom, it will be the bed. Make sure your room feels cozy and welcoming. Even if you are going slightly over budget, the bedroom is one place which will make you feel like it is worth it.

Before you head to the market to choose a bed, consider a platform bed and understand what it is. A platform bed is a bed which has a frame that rests on the floor without a headboard. They are highly versatile and has a bed frame with a built-in slat system which removes the need for a box spring. It comes with a stylish and sleek design and does not compromise on the functionality or comfort. Since you do not need to buy a box spring for the bed, you will end up saving a substantial amount.

Types of platform beds

If you have made up your mind about buying a platform bed, you need to understand the different types available in the market. Every bed is made from a different material and will help meet your needs. Choose the best platform bed after considering your requirements.

  1. Wood: Wood has always been a favorite material for construction due to the durability and versatility. Wooden platform beds are sturdy and have an overall beauty. The beds carry their own personality with grains and textures which will suit your taste. Based on the type of theme inside your home, you can make your choice for a wooden bed which has a minimalistic style or one with a classic, vintage vibe.
  2. Lacquered: Lacquer is a high gloss finish material which gives your bedroom a modern look. It can instantly transform the space with ultra-modern styling and glossy finish. There are standard colors available in the same and many platform beds have an optional LED backlight kits that can be added to make the bed more striking. If you want to add a single statement piece to your room, you can choose this bed.
  3. Upholstered: After wood, upholstered beds are the most popular. It offers an inherent softness for the bedroom and has a number of colors and fabrics for you to choose from. The upholstered beds are available in a range of fabrics, tastes, and preferences. They have detailing which gives them their own feel which is ideal for modern homes. There are endless options in upholstered beds which help personalize the space.
  4. Platform bed with attached nightstand: An option for the larger bedroom is the platform bed which comes with an attached nightstand. The bed has a presence which is exactly what you need to fill the space in a huge bedroom. The bed is ideal for rooms with high ceilings and can make it look less overwhelming. There are different finishes available like classic walnut, rich wenge, cool gray oak and it also comes with upholstered headboards and comfy backrests. It has a classy design and will add personality to your space. However, this bed is not suitable for those who have limited space in the bedroom. 

When buying a platform bed, you need to consider the space available to you. There are a number of styles and designs available in platform beds. Make your choice after weighing all the options. The bed has a modern and contemporary design element that will immediately elevate your personal space. The bed does not need a boxspring which saves on the cost and you can use the amount for additional décor elements. Once you have decided on the type of bed you want to invest in, you can look for other décor elements to add an aesthetic appeal to your room.