In the United Kingdom, the government has put strict measures in place to ensure the safety and security of employees, and this is why business owners and employers are required by law to follow stringent Health and Safety guidelines and regulations. Along with this, employers are also required to have Employers Liability Insurance as further protection for employees. But even with all this, accidents can still occur, particularly in certain workplaces where there is a higher risk of accidents, such as construction sites, laboratories, industrial sites, agricultural sites, and more. If you have had an injury in your workplace and it is the fault of your employer or can be attributed to them, then you may receive compensation once you make a claim. But what compensation can you expect with a workplace accident claim? Here’s your best guide.

The basics of compensation for workplace injury claims 

The amount you can potentially receive will be based on a number of aspects, including how severe your injury really is and how long it will take you to recuperate or recover, as an expert personal injury solicitor in Gloucester from Shires Law confirms. It will also be determined according to how other members of your family are affected by your injury, especially if you are a breadwinner. Some injuries may award greater compensation than others, such as severe head injuries or injuries such as amputations. Do you want to have an estimate of how much you can receive depending on your injury? Let’s find out.

  • If you have a head injury 

If you have had a severe injury to the head and are deemed disabled due to brain damage or have numbness in your limbs or a personality change, you may receive from £186,000 to £240,000 in compensation. For moderate injuries to the head where you have memory loss or a change in personality along with a risk of developing epilepsy, you can be awarded between £36,000 and £186,000. For mild head injuries that can still have potentially long-term effects, compensation can be from £13,000 to £36,000.

  • If you have a neck/back injury

For injuries to the neck which are severe, resulting in problems with movement, you may receive from £38,000 to £126,000 in compensation. Moderate injuries to the neck, which cause pain when you move or stiffness can result in an award from between £6,700 to £32,000. Severe injuries to the back possibly resulting in paralysis or organ issues can give compensation from £33,000 to £137,000, while moderate injuries such as damage to the soft tissue or ligament and constant discomfort and pain can award from £10,600 to £33,000. Sprains and strains, a slipped disc, a soft tissue injury, or muscle pain can give compensation to up to £10,000 while factoring in the treatment and recovery period.

  • If you have a leg/foot injury

Severe injuries to the leg resulting in amputation can award compensation between £83,000 and £240,000, while less severe injuries such as breaks, fractures, or damage to the soft tissue can give up to £23,000 in compensation. 

Foot injuries that are severe, such as foot amputation, can award from £71,000 to £171,000, while mild injuries to the foot with a projected full recovery may give up to £11,000 in compensation.