What Is Stump Grinding Service

Do you have an unsightly stump on your property? Perhaps you had to get a tree removed and the stump is just leftover. Not sure what the best way to deal with it is? That’s where our expertise comes in. Let’s start with the reasons you might need stump grinding service.

Why Should Get Rid of the Stump?

No one considers a lone, leftover stump to be exactly aesthetically pleasing. But the reason to contact a stump grinding service isn’t just to get rid of an eyesore in your yard.

Tree stumps can actually be quite hazardous. For one thing, it’s possible someone could trip over it and fall, potentially injuring themselves. Especially if you have kids and/or pets who love to run around and play outside. Sometimes, overgrowth can somewhat hide the stump. When it’s less noticeable, the risk of tripping over it is greater.

It can also cause problems when you’re trying to mow your lawn or complete other types of yard work. If you accidentally run a mower into a tree stump, it could actually damage the equipment.

Tree stumps can also end up being hosts for pests, fungi, and diseases. Especially as they start to decay, which they will eventually do. Some people may think they should just leave the stump to decay naturally. However, this is a mistake. Carpenter ants, wood bees, beetles, and termites could make the leftover stump their new home. This could cause lots of problems for the rest of your property.

Carpenter ants, termites, and other insects won’t remain just in the stump. They could also very well manage to find their way from the stump into your home. You can find more information on different insects and pests that are found in tree stumps in this home guide. It’s simply too risky to keep a leftover stump lying around.

Now that you know why you should contact a stump grinding service. Read on below to find out more about what you can expect from this service.

How Much Does Stump Grinding Service Cost?

There are different variables that can impact the total cost of this tree service. These include the location of the stump, the size of it, how long the job takes, and how easily accessible it is. Other factors influencing cost are soil type, stump diameter, the age of the stump, the root system, and so on.

Why Is Stump Grinding Separate From Tree Removal?

If you’re not too familiar with tree service, you may assume tree removal and stump grinding are more similar than they actually are. Stump grinding requires entirely different types of power tools and equipment. A stump grinder is a piece of equipment with a rotating blade that, well, grinds down the wood of the stump. The blade has teeth that cut the wood of the stump into smaller pieces.

These woodchips can then be reused by you. Typically, people use the shavings as mulch. The tree service company can also fill in the leftover hole with this debris once the stump has been removed.

There are multiple types of stump grinders. What they all have in common is that they should all be operated by a trained, licensed professional.

How Long Does a Stump Grinding Service Job Take?

In most cases, a tree service company should be able to grind the stump in a matter of hours. Exactly how long it takes depends on certain factors, similar to the ones that would affect the cost. But by and large, stump grinding is a quicker service than stump removal.

If you still need to have a tree removed, the tree service company will likely spend one day removing the tree and then return the following day to grind the stump.

Why Is Stump Grinding Service Best Left to a Professional?

Some people think that any yard work can be a DIY project. Especially since there is tree service equipment that can be rented out. However, this is far too much of a risk. It could ultimately cause much more trouble than it’s worth.

If you are thinking it would somehow save you money, you would be surprised. Renting out specialized equipment for a job like this can be very expensive. Also, the machines that are available to rent are usually less powerful than what a professional tree service has.

This is incredibly difficult work, which is why an experienced professional should handle it. An intense power tool such as a stump grinder should not be wielded by the inexperienced. You could wind up severely injuring yourself. You could also accidentally damage a utility line. And the power tool isn’t the only dangerous thing.

There is also lots of debris to worry about. Especially when it’s flying around. Professional have protection for this, as well as for the loud noise. In addition to being potentially dangerous, all that debris will be quite a hassle for you to deal with once you’re done stump grinding.

You could also make a mistake that damages the rest of your property. The roots and wood of the stump need to be completely removed. If they aren’t, you could end up with rot. And if you try to plant something in the space where you removed the trunk, the rotting wood will make that very difficult. Leftover roots could also cause unwanted growth, such as suckers.

Here at Mr. Tree, we make sure to do the most thorough stump grinding work so this wouldn’t be an issue. Some stump grinding goes four to six inches below the grade. But our equipment goes further, typically 10 to 12 inches below.

Stump grinding is just one of the great tree services we offer here at Mr. Tree. With all our services, you can count on our excellent customer service, certified professionals, highest quality of equipment, and years of experience and expertise. You can find more information on Mr. Tree and our various services on our website. You can also get a free quote right on our website, so check that out today.

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