Having rented here in San Clemente, Orange County for just over 8 years now, and having lived in 4 apartments during that time, it is fair to say that I have quite a bit of experience when it comes to landlords. Unfortunately however, this experience has varied between bad and terrible. What I have never understood is how a landlord can get it so wrong, it should be a simple and well maintained arrangement between a tenant and the landlord, to ensure that rent is paid, and the apartment is cared for, by both parties.

The complex which I am currently in changed last year to an association management company who would take over the handling of the tenants. Naturally as soon as we found out about the fact that a company was coming in, we checked their reviews. The Ammcor reviews which I read were glowing and to be honest, both myself and the other tenants thought that they were too good to be true. One year on however and I can safely say that those reviews from other tenants in San Clemente, were absolutely right, and here is what the association management company has done for us since they began.


Tenants all over the country will be able to agree with me that far too many landlords or housing associations, fail to fix even the most basic of problems that exist both inside the properties, and in the pubic space. I am talking simple things here like pipes, lights and fittings and damaged walls. I read on a review for Ammcor that they were brilliant when it came to fixing issues like this, and within their first few weeks here they set about doing exactly that.


In my view, when a situation or problem arises, the landlord or the company should be easy to get hold of. Unfortunately however this is rarely the case and usually you are left waiting for a reply to an email, or worse still having a conversation with an answer machine. With Ammcor however, this is not how things are done and they have a 24 hour manned reception, who are always available and looking to do whatever they can to help you out. When I read this in the reviews I really didn’t believe it but it turned out to be 100% accurate.

Tenant Agreements

I had no idea of the status of my tenant agreement with my old landlord, whether or not it was in date, still valid or even if i had protection because of it. I read one review which stated that the admin of Ammcor was top notch, and in the context of tenant agreements and general admin, they most certainly are. In the second week of them taking over, one of their representatives sat down with me to go over rules and regulations for both parties, and we signed a new and improved contract, a simple gesture which ensures that I am protected.